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Dear Onalaska Citizens and Visitors,

Onalaska, Wisconsin is a city with wonderful people who care for children and willingly fund the schools they need. Onalaska residents value and protect the beauty and recreational opportunities of our rivers and coulees. Our citizens work hard to support their families.


Lake Onalaska has an abundance of fish including sunfish, crappy, bluegills and walleye.
"Sunny the Sunfish" can be found across the road from our hotel. Shadow Run Motel offers the most beautiful views of Lake Onalaska.
They expect that their city government provide for public health/safety and economic welfare at reasonable cost.They make Onalaska a great place to live or visit.Our commitment is to keep improving Onalaska. To meet this challenge we will adopt technological advances that improve productivity, promote business that provide good jobs and increase the value of city services and reduce the cost of those services. Onalaska City Hall will strive to be a welcoming place that takes pride in friendly customer service.